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Effective branding is like creating a strong cartoon character, it’s all in the silhouette.

For a moment, imagine the silhouettes of Mickey Mouse, SpongeBob, Snoopy – their shapes are instantly familiar, you know them. In a heartbeat, you’re flooded with feelings. Their essence, colors, and details flash through your mind.

Consciously and positively defining your silhouette is the key to creating a container that your customers can store all their feelings about you and quickly access it when they’re making a choice. The shape of that container and the feelings you inspire are up to you.


Whether you’re building a new brand, refreshing an existing one or just need a bit of help on a project, everything starts with a conversation. We answer each other’s questions, determine goals and set a plan.

Discover: The first step is to get above the trees so we can take stock of the forest. This starts with an informal overview and if needed, focusing on areas that need attention or delve further with a more extensive brand audit to root out systemic issues.

Define: The story of who you are, what you do, where you’ve been and where you’re going all starts with why you exist. It’s the core of your personality and helps get to the next step, positioning.

Position: What’s your value proposition? How do your customers see you and why should they choose you? Building a stronger brand means focusing on your unique value so you’re more easily recognizable.

Create: Your name, logo and visual identity, the voice and tone of your messaging, all the pieces of your personality should be in sync. Design your shape by eliminating clutter, sanding down the rough edges and strengthening your most important features.

Reach: Every touchpoint with your customers is an opportunity to connect, and each decision affects your brand, from every detail of your retail environment to your web presence to your customer response. How you show up in the world is a direct reflection of the color, quality, and strength of your values.






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